Hotshot Service

Hotshot Service Newlight TransportExtremely Time Critical deliveries require a direct service. Newlight Transport offers HOT SHOT service with delivery straight to its destination. Hotshots are the class 3,4 and 4 trucks that pull the flatbed or other types of trailers for the extra capacity of the cargo and efficiency. These are usually for the industrial goods and which are large in size and which needs to be transported through roads and we at Newlight Transport as experts of managing this operation.

Hotshot loads are defined as freight that needs to be delivered fast and is small enough to fit in a box truck.. These loads often come from industries like oil fields or construction because they need equipment to be moved fast so it can be used at another site.

These services are usually used for transportation of cars, big machinery or some kind of big requirements. When closed trucks cant take the load it becomes vital to us Hotshots and they are really the savior.

We are the most preferred company in the field at Geelong and businesses and organizations believe in us and our services and depend on us for the transportation of goods and services.

With our most efficient team we are managing the transportation very effectively and bring the change and transforming this very dedicated industry and we are moving towards our aim and we are making this possible with our dedication and services.

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